ASM Unit Converter


Unit Converter
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  Units Value
Original Value * ksi   18
Equivalent Values   atm   1224.828
  bar   1241.057
  dynes/cm   1.241056E+09
  g(force)/cm   1265525
  g/cm   1265525
  GPa   0.1241056
  kg(f)/cm   1265.525
  kg(force)/m   1.265525E+07
  lb/ft   2592000
  mm of Hg (0C)   930868.2
  MPa   124.1056
  N/mm   124.1056
  Pa   1.241056E+08
  psi   18000
  torr   930868.8


* This indicates the value as it was originally entered into MatWeb.


For the purpose of standardization and display, MatWeb will occasionally convert an original data point to an equivalent unit of measure and round the converted value. This can introduce error if the converted and rounded value is used in an engineering calculation. MatWeb advises users to only use the original value in engineering calculations to minimize error. The original value for any point can be obtained by clicking on the data point displayed in the datasheet. This will display the data point as it was originally entered into the database as well as the raw conversions for equivalent units.