AISI Type 321 Stainless Steel, annealed plate

Subcategory: Ferrous Metal; Metal; Stainless Steel; T 300 Series Stainless Steel

Component   Wt. %
Component   Wt. %
Component   Wt. %

Material Notes:
Similar to Type 304 except Ti content helps prevent chromium carbide precipitation resulting from welding or elevated temperatures. Stabilized at annealing temperatures between 950-1010C (1750-1850F). Resists scaling and vibration fatigue. Applications include aircraft exhaust stacks and manifolds, chemical processing equipment, weld equipment, jet engine parts.

Physical PropertiesMetricEnglishComments
Density8 g/cc0.289 lb/in 

Mechanical Properties
Hardness, Brinell150150 
Hardness, Knoop170170 Converted from Brinell hardness.
Hardness, Rockwell B8080 
Hardness, Vickers157157 Converted from Brinell hardness.
Tensile Strength, Ultimate585 MPa84800 psi 
Tensile Strength, Yield240 MPa34800 psi 
Elongation at Break55 %55 % in 50 mm
Modulus of Elasticity193 - 200 GPa28000 - 29000 ksi 
Charpy Impact165 J122 ft-lb 
Izod Impact135 J99.6 ft-lb 

Electrical Properties
Electrical Resistivity7.2e-005 ohm-cm7.2e-005 ohm-cm at 20C
Magnetic Permeability1.0081.008 at RT

Thermal Properties
CTE, linear 20C16.7 m/m-C9.28 in/in-F 0 - 100C
CTE, linear 250C17.1 m/m-C9.5 in/in-F at 0-315C (32-600F)
CTE, linear 500C18.5 m/m-C10.3 in/in-F 0 - 540C
CTE, linear 1000C20.5 m/m-C11.4 in/in-F 20 - 925C
Specific Heat Capacity0.5 J/g-C0.12 BTU/lb-F from 0-100C (32-212F)
Thermal Conductivity at Elevated Temperature16.1 W/m-K112 BTU-in/hr-ft-F 100C
Melting Point1400 - 1425 C2550 - 2600 F 
Solidus1400 C2550 F 
Liquidus1425 C2600 F 
Maximum Service Temperature, Air870 C1600 F Intermittent Service
Maximum Service Temperature, Air925 C1700 F Continuous Service

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