Allegheny Ludlum Stainless Steel Type 301, Full Hard (UNS S30100)

Subcategory: Ferrous Metal; Metal; Stainless Steel; T 300 Series Stainless Steel

Key Words: ASTM A240; ASTM A666

Component   Wt. %
CMax 0.15 
Cr16 - 18 
Component   Wt. %
MnMax 2 
N Max 0.1 
Ni6 - 8 
Component   Wt. %
PMax 0.045 
SMax 0.03 
SiMax 0.75 

Material Notes:
Iron content above calculated as balance.

Allegheny Ludlum Type 301 is a high strength grade of steel available in six conditions or tempers, its resistance to atmosphere corrosion and its bright, attractive surface make it an excellent choice for decorative structural applications.

Applications include automobile molding and trim, wheel cover, conveyor belts, kitchen equipment, roof draining systems, hose clamps, springs, truck and trailer bodies, railway and subway cars. By varying the chemical composition within the limits set by the ASTM Specifications and by temper rolling, a broad range of magnetic and mechanical properties can be obtained for a variety of applications.

Information provided by Allegheny Ludlum Corporation.

Physical PropertiesMetricEnglishComments
Density8.03 g/cc0.29 lb/in 

Mechanical Properties
Hardness, Brinell382382 
Hardness, Rockwell C4141 
Tensile Strength, UltimateMin 1276 MPaMin 185000 psi 
Tensile Strength, YieldMin 965 MPaMin 140000 psi 0.2% offset
Elongation at BreakMin 9 %Min 9 % in 2" (50 mm)
Modulus of Elasticity174 GPa25200 ksi as rolled
Modulus of Elasticity196 GPa28400 ksi stress relieved
Compressive Yield Strength1317 MPa191000 psi transverse
Compressive Yield Strength793 MPa115000 psi longitudinal
Charpy Impact150 J111 ft-lb at 23C; 150 J at -73; 150J at 196
Fatigue Strength552 MPa80100 psi endurance limit; test details not reported

Electrical Properties
Electrical Resistivity7.2e-005 ohm-cm7.2e-005 ohm-cm 
Magnetic PermeabilityMax 1.02Max 1.02 typically < 1.02 at 200H; increases with cold work.

Thermal Properties
CTE, linear 20C16.6 m/m-C9.22 in/in-F Range 20 - 100C
CTE, linear 250C17.6 m/m-C9.78 in/in-F Range 20 - 300C
CTE, linear 500C18.6 m/m-C10.3 in/in-F Range 20- 500C; 19.5 m/m-C Range 20 - 700C
Specific Heat Capacity0.5 J/g-C0.12 BTU/lb-F between 0 -100 C
Thermal Conductivity16.3 W/m-K113 BTU-in/hr-ft-F at 100C; 21.4 W/m*K at 500C
Melting Point1399 - 1421 C2550 - 2590 F 
Solidus1399 C2550 F 
Liquidus1421 C2590 F 

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