ASM Conversions for Engineering Units

Welcome to ASM's automatic unit converter.  Simply enter the value that you would like to convert ("1" is the default), choose the units of measure from which you would like to convert from the drop-down list, then press the "Convert" button.  ASM's conversion engine will return a list of other units with the appropriate converted values.

Unit Conversions
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ASM has also provided a conversion table for converting between English and Metric units.

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lbf/in2 (psi) pascal (Pa) 6894.757
pascal (Pa) lbf/in2 (psi) 1.4504E-4
g/cm3 lb/ft3 62.427974
lb/ft3 kg/m3 16.01846
lb/in3 kg/m3 27,679.90
lb/ft3 g/cm3 0.01601846
volts/mil kV/mm 0.039370
mil (0.001 inch) cm 2.54E-3
cm mil 393.70
MPa(m1/2) psi(in1/2) 910.06
J/(g-C) BTU/(lb-F) 0.239006
BTU/(lb-F) J/(g-C) 4.184000
joule (J) cal (thermochemical) 0.2390057
cal (thermochemical) joule (J) 4.184000
joule (J) BTU (thermochemical) 9.4845E-4
BTU (thermochemical) joule 1054.350
m/(m-C) in/(in-F) 0.55556
in/(in-F) m/(m-C) 1.80
cm3/Kg in3/lb 0.027680
in3/lb cm3/kg 36.127
W/(m K) BTU in /(hr ft2  F) 6.9334713
BTU in /(hr ft2  F) W/(m K) 0.1441314
(J m)/(min m2  C) W/(m-K) 0.016667
W/(m-K) (J m)/(min m2  C) 60
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